Who we are

The Nehme & Therese Tohme Foundation is a non-profit charity foundation based in Beirut, Lebanon. Our aim is to help all Lebanese lead honorable and healthy productive lives. We focus on the less privilege families and elderly that have little or no income by giving them access to the opportunities they need to succeed in leading respectable lives. We seeks through this Foundation to ensure that all Lebanese who seek out our help are given an equal chance to lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. The Foundation is led by the chief executive officer Mr. Youssef Tohme and co-chaired by H.E Mr. Nehme Tohme and Mrs. Therese Tohme.

Board Members

  • H.E Mr. Nehme Tohme, Co-Chair
  • Mrs. Therese Tohme, Co-Chair
  • Mr. Youssef Tohme, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Yasmine Tohme Gedeon, Chief Executive Officer
  • Miss Youmna Tohme, Trustee
  • Mrs. Nadine Sarkis, Trustee
  • Mr. Souheil Haddad, General Counsel

Executive Team

  • Mr. Tony Antonios, Executive
  • Mr. Nabil Dbayseh, Executive
  • Miss Randa Fares, Finance Manager
  • Mrs. Renee Zartanian, Executive Secretary

What We Do “Our Five Divisions”

  • Financial Services For the Poor:

    Our aim is to strengthen the poor’s capacity to weather financial shocks by helping them, through simple micro- financing schemes, capture income generating opportunities. Our aim is to also reduce the amount of time and money that the poor must spend to conduct financial transactions and by helping them in generating income to sustain themselves. More than $10 Million Dollars in non-recoverable charity loans have been given to jump start the program.

  • Agricultural Development:

    To date, we have committed more than $5 Million Dollars in developing agricultural roads essential to the livelihood of farmers and crop traders in the Chouf. More than 1,000Km of farming roads have been constructed linking villages and trading routes with one another thus making the Chouf agriculture trade more productive and efficient.

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene:

    Better sanitation is the key to ensuring healthy lives in sustainable rural communities. To date we have provided more than $5 Million Dollars in aiding and developing clean water wells in neglected areas as well as a significant number of water reservoirs that are both used for domestic and agricultural use. This has spurred significant change in clean water hygiene and has delivered tremendous results.

  • Health Care and Education:

    Our health care program aims to reduce suffering, death and disease by charitable investments in emergency response units and research centers across the medical industry. We have also substantially invested in programs to strengthen the educational system that has paved the way by giving both students, teachers and parents the means to connect with one another in schools, universities, communities. We have sponsored programs that ensures children and young adults are identified and helped in unlocking their potential. We have to date throughout Lebanon donated more the $5 Million Dollars to various Universities, Schools and Hospitals for the purchase of equipment and material essential for education.

  • Rehabilitation of Historical and Religious Significance:

    A significant importance associated with the religious fabric which constitutes the mountainous area of the Chouf in Lebanon is the diversity in religious beliefs and traditions. The Nehme & Therese Tohme Foundation has played an important role in bringing closer together various communities of different religious background, churches, mosques by creating religious sponsored events of all backgrounds that educate and encourage the Chouf communities to live in peace and harmony with one another. More than $15 Million Dollars has been donated to this cause in addition to the rehabilitation of over thirty Christian, Muslim and Druze places of worship in the area.

How We Work

At the Nehme & Therese Tohme foundation we believe that to bring about change one has to be able to accept change. We listen and learn so that we can identify the pressing problems that need our attention in order to help the poor. We then consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our charity donations. Our strategy for the various areas is that we are focused and determined to help in accomplishing for people what is most essential to them and where we can have the greatest impact. Once we commit to an involvement, we define a goal and we strive to achieve it. We believe that success is only possible if communities help us in helping them.

How We Develop Strategy

In each of our five divisions, we develop goals and strategies before allocating resources and making charitable donation. We continuously collect data and information through-out the communities on the need of the poor and on their progress. Dialogue, communication and reflection on the lessons learned help us derive the course needed.

How We Make a Charitable Donation

In each of the five divisions, we have an allocation of charitable funds. The Nehme & Therese Foundation Board members meet four times a year and decisions based on the findings are taken.


Current number of foundation employees: 5

Total charitable donation granted since inception: over $50 Million Dollars

Total Charitable donation by year:

  • 2018 $5+ Million Dollars
  • 2017 $5+ Million Dollars
  • 2016 $5+ Million Dollars
  • 2015 $5+ Million Dollars
  • 2014 $5+ Million Dollars
  • 2013 $2+ Million Dollars
  • 2012 $2+ Million Dollars
  • 2011 $2+ Million Dollars


For All Inquires Please Email Us at: mailbox@tohmefoundation.org

~ Serving the Community for a Better Tomorrow ~